"A very harp in all but size" - Jenny's 2018 Spring Residential Project

Written By Laura Turnbull - March 23 2018


November 21 2018

Sadly I have had to sign up several times to the newsletter, I was able to view it today November 9th 2018, I would have liked to have the kit, I do hope it is reproduced again for others to enjoy.


Velia Antila
October 16 2018

Obviously this post is from long ago. The order date was until April 30, and I just received the posting today August 28, 2018! Yes I would be interested on information regarding the Harp Kit.

Siham moussaoui
August 27 2018

I love your kits , and would like to know how I can purchase any kit , and what’s the price range ?

Jennette Blunsden
April 30 2018

Breathtaking live in Sydney Australia and would like to purchase a kit.

Thank You Jennette.

Ms Lesley ThompsonL
April 11 2018

Is it possible to purchase this in kit form as I live in Sydney, Australia, and am unable to attend the Spring Residential 2018. The project is of particular interest to me as I am a student of the celtic harp.

Jan Wooler
April 10 2018

From the USA. Just an incredible piece of needlework.

Sandy Murray
April 09 2018

It is such a lovely and unique piece. Would you ever consider an on line class for this project for those of us who live in countries afar and cannot make your class. If so, I would love to add this to my collection! It is beautiful.

Louise Daoust
April 09 2018

Thank you so much for showing this amazing piece of art. We are so lucky to be able to witness such beautiful work. Congratulations to Jenny.

Thank you Philippa to give us such a beautiful website to admire such pieces of embroidery.

Best regards,

Susan Morehouse
April 01 2018

This is exquisite as are all Jenny’s projects. How do I order one please?

Gail Guthrie
March 26 2018

Hope Jenny will teach this in Australia, as there is no way I can get to Europe. Jenny is a great teacher. Took 2 of her classes last time she was in West Aussie, and look forward to her next visit. Thank you Jenny.

Faye Stredwick
March 23 2018

Another master piece.

Margaret Morgan
March 23 2018

A friend is currently at the Spring Retreat and is working this project. It sounds so interesting.

sue benfield
March 23 2018

Thank you for telling us about your retreat in the Lake District. It sounds wonderful set in glorious countryside with two very talented embroiderers teaching you all.
It was interesting to hear how Nikki and Jenny came up with their designs. Two very different projects and techniques. The local craftsmen must have been so pleased to take part.
I am sure everyone had a lovely week.
A very Happy Easter to you all.

Cheryl S Weiss
March 23 2018

OMG. How lovely!!!
I wear my montmellic plaid lapel pin/magnet made in Jenny’s class all of the time. I also turned my white and beaded heart from Nicola’s class into a “ring pillow” for my daughter’s graduation ring! These two ladies are fantastic!!!

March 23 2018

Will this ever be sold as a kit for those of us who likely will never be able to attend the retreat?

March 23 2018

Please let me know if this will ever be available in the shop. I play pedal harp and would love to be able to stitch this piece. So lovely and meaningful, just like the harp.

Darcy Walker
March 23 2018

Jenny – once again you have outdone yourself! What an exquisite treasure you have created. So many fine craftsmen involved. You are the best! Look forward to seeing you at next year’s retreat


Caroline jones
March 23 2018

Everything Jenny does is exquisite!

Deborah Pavlich
March 23 2018

Absolutely breathtaking! To see the original also as well as read the story is phenomenal. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

March 23 2018

This is absolutely splendid!

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