Lady Anne's Needlework Festival

Lady Anne's Needlework Festival 4-17 July 2021

Class Booking Open!

Lady Anne's Needlework Tours & Residential Retreats

We host immersive needlework retreats and tours in the UK and Ireland for the historic needlework enthusiast. Hosted by Phillipa Turnbull and other embroidery specialists and tutors, these experiences are a bucket list essential for anyone wishing to take their needlework to the next level.

We are in the process of migrating information about our Lady Anne's Needlework Tours & Retreats to a new website where you can find out much more about all of our future dates including our upcoming Lady Anne's Needlework Festival. 

Check our dates below or visit our new site over the coming weeks for more detailed information.

Needlework Tours & Embroidery Retreats