The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust embroidered bodice on tour in Virginia, USA.

Written By Laura Turnbull - September 20 2019


Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth
September 25 2019

Fascinating. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful detail!

Lana Lipsett
September 25 2019

This is a fantastic garment. Who would have made it. The embroidery must have taken hours and hours. Surely the woman that owned it didn’t make it. Whatever it is very lovely and it is quite astonishing that it has survived all these years.

Sarah Hearn
September 25 2019

This is absolutely fascinating. I’ve become very interested in the whole conservation/restoration field so this treatment of a old garment is of great interest.

On a different note, are the kits you mention in the article only available at or through the Trust?

Janice Conners
September 25 2019

This is so much more beautiful in person. Pictures just do not do it justice. It sparkles!

Yvonne Wright
September 25 2019

Absolutely fascinating, thank you for sharing.

September 25 2019

I can not wait to see this stunning piece! By coincidence we are traveling to Jamestown/Yorktown this October! Thank you for letting us know.

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