The Muncaster Bed Hanging - What's Included?

Written By Francesca Pilsbury - November 14 2019


October 12 2020

Please consider making this staggeringly beautiful rendering also available in ‘bite-sized’ versions.

The nearly limitless possibilities featuring motifs in more manageable sizes tantalize my imagination!

It is my great hope that many kits, of differing sizes, could be created utilizing the original’s motifs.

Presumably this would benefit Muncaster Castle with increased revenue, as well as delight stitchers such as myself.

Additionally, I also would love to see some of the items included in the full kit offered for sale as separate items, such as the poster, tea towel and canvas bag. Thank you for your attention to this lengthy post. Sincerely, Jacqueline Lee

Kendyl Montgomery
April 27 2020

Is this an advanced kit? Are all of the stitches explained?

Carol Macisaac
January 21 2020

I’ve managed to do a 1 metre wide section of the Bayeux tapestry, this is a challenge to be met ! Muahahaha 😁

Janice Gail
December 22 2019

Oh, YES! On payments, please. A slate frame that would fit this can be found at Ecclesiastical Sewing in the US, but you’ll need a frame stand.

Jo Senior
November 16 2019

What sort of frame/ hoop does one need to work this on?

Christine E Williams
November 16 2019

I’m interested! Full kit please. Also interested to see what everyone is using for a frame. Maybe we can set up a little Facebook group for people stitching this. By the end we may need some moral support!

Toniann Ramos
November 16 2019

What is the Glasgow bedspread?
Another beautiful crewel kit?

joanella deery
November 14 2019

I have not been able to see price? for this hanging..In USA $$$. thank you.

susan pejovich
November 14 2019

Have you sourced a frame this size? Would CWC provide names of possible makers in UK and US?

Monica Evans
November 14 2019

I would like the whole kit with staggered payments please,

Kerri Atwell
November 14 2019

The full kit on s payment plan, please.
Kerri Atwell

Kerri Atwell
November 14 2019

I would like the full kit with pattern, instructions, USB stick, wools, needles and printed twill etc. As this will be very expensive, especially when you take into account the exchange rates I hope you consider this a viable option.
I did this successfully with the bedspread if my success with that helps.
Kerri Atwell

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