Hill Top Queenie by Nicola Jarvis for the Spring Residential Retreat 2019

Written By Karen Morley-Chesworth - April 03 2019


Mrs Catherine Pommett
May 20 2019

How do I purchase this fabulous kit?

Kath Senior
May 20 2019

Super tutor, super retreat. It has been a joy to join Phillipa on so many wonderful Retreats. Thank you.

Mary Pinker
May 20 2019

“Absolutely gorgeous” is right! It’s a beautiful design, and Ms. Jarvis’s stitching is beautiful.

Barbara Pryga
April 09 2019

Hill Top Queenie is absolutely gorgeous! I browsed Ms. Jarvis’s shop and am so impressed with all of her works. I hope I am lucky enough to get one of the Queenie kits to complete.

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