Aesop's Fables - Our up coming release!

Written By Phillipa Turnbull - October 28 2020


Linda Mandy
November 09 2020

Interested if the cost is doable for me.

November 09 2020

When will you be releasing the subscription for this

Imke Meier
November 09 2020

I love the idea of the Aesop’s Animal subscription. I would love to buy the kit and course. Do you ship to Germany? How much would that be?
Thank you so much
Best regards

Wendy Winograd
November 09 2020

This is very exciting. I have been waiting for this kit for a long time. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to stitch it. When will it be available?

Jean Daniel
November 09 2020

I’ve been waiting for this one—so beautiful and with twins coming in April for my nephew and new bride perfect timing…or will I keep it myself and put their pictures in it? Hmmm

November 09 2020

Oh – WOW !!!!!!!

Nonie Harries
November 09 2020

I am ridiculously excited about this! How big is the frame going to be?

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