Bird on a Bough Kit


  • Bird on a Bough Kit
  • Bird on a Bough Kit
  • Bird on a Bough Kit
  • Bird on a Bough Kit

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During our research we have studied this same late-17th Century design on bed hangings in six different locations. Some of these examples are now held in museums in the UK, America and Australia, while others are still in their original castles and private houses. We are delighted to bring you this vibrant Jacobean design as an advanced crewel work kit and hope you enjoy working through the diverse historic crewel techniques featured within it.

Design size: 16 x 11.5 inches, 40 x 29 cm

Linen size: 22 x 16.5 inches, 55 x 41 cm

Stitches: Crewel Stem, Padded Stitch, Laid and Couched Work, Long and Short, French Knots, Bayeux, Detached Chain, Checkerboard Filling, Spider’s Web, Satin Stitch, Leaf Stitch and Closed Fly.

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