World Mental Health Day - Embroidery as Therapy

Written By Laura Turnbull - May 09 2021


Jean Pfeifer
December 20 2021

Thank you Laura! What a great article! I remember when Covid first came on. I sat at my desk, in the outpatient mental health clinic where I worked. There were no clients as we were shut down, but had to go to work. When my boss came in to check on me, I had the Mellerstain Firescreen Kit open and surrounding me. He laughed and I told him it was relaxing. He thought it was great and told me about his wife and her creativity. What a great way to bring people together. Never before did I think I would have spoken with the boss about Crewelwork.

Majorie Lambert
November 09 2019

Thank you for your article it has reinforce my opinion that stitching and the companionship which it brings are theraputic.

October 30 2019

Repetition increases serotonin in your brain, just like riding a bike or walking. I have seen men do crewel, knitting, crochet for the benefits.

bernadette mullin
October 23 2019

What a great informative article. Looking forward to receiving the newsletter. It helps me be feel creative and enjoy the company of others. Have a great day Bernadette

Gaynor Dalton
October 19 2019

Fantastic idea and very creative. Meeting people and being social is very helpful

Sian Andrew Artha
October 19 2019

My husband Philip has been receiving your emails as he has been ordering kits etc for me. I have been stitching nonstop since my son died very suddenly August 2017 I am well into the Glasgow quilt in my own choice of colours and stitches and it has saved my sanity. I am very grateful for your company and what you produce. Many thanks.

Janet Groves
October 19 2019

Hi. I’m bipolar, and have had several spells in hospital, having been very ill. I find crewel work very beneficial for my mental health. I would be lost without it Xx

Sue Parmenter
October 19 2019

I was fortunate, last year I attended one of your classes in Nelson, New Zealand . I learnt so much, even how to sit with my stitching at a height so as not to aggravate my sore back. Your article above has hit the nail on the head for me, I have suffered from depression/anxiety of varying levels over many years. With encouragement from my mother I learned to do needlework and it has become an addiction and mainstay in my life. It has helped me become more positive, settled my thinking and I find it highly therapeutic and peaceful in my busy life. Thankyou

Kathleen Senior
October 18 2019

A wonderful article and so true.

Stephen Beaumont
October 18 2019

Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I continue to find crewel work highly therapeutic and rewarding.

Deborah Hastings
October 18 2019

Hello, I know that stitching can help those with a mental Health problems. I was a Handicraft Instructor for Southwark Social Services in the 1980’s work with a range of client groups. I have worked closely with Occupational Therapists for decades along with working in Adult Education teaching a range of crafts. My last job was with working with those in detox from drug and alcohol abuse and using a range of stitching from embroidery to dressmaking. Best wishes, Deborah

October 18 2019

Thank you for the encouragement. Stitching has helped me through some difficult times in my life. I love the newsletter. Thank you so much.

October 18 2019

In the 1950’s my uncle was in a sanitorium with TB and he was taught needlepoint and weaving while there as therapy. I remember he gave me scarf in Royal Stuart tartan that he had woven on a small ‘bed use’ size loom.

Terry Goetz
October 18 2019

You have described the benefits of the process of stitching beautifully. Let’s go to the next step-that of the continued enjoyment of those beautiful items. To look at what you’ve created, whether in your own home or the homes of those who have received a gift from you of stitching, brings repeated feelings of success and happiness. A special thank you goes to those who have the gift to design for those of us who love to stitch.

October 18 2019

Yes, please subscribe me to your list. I love crewel embroidery.

Suzanne Madsen
October 17 2019

Thank you for your article. So comforting, helpful, validating!
Keep Stitching, Keep Creating!

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