Win Golden Hinde's "Glorious Goldwork" Book!

Written By Laura Turnbull - December 05 2018


Karen Wojahn
December 05 2018

I love goldwork. I have done several simple projects and have a couple of harder projects that I need to work on to improve my skill.

Joyce Bargh
December 05 2018

I love Goldwork and have done a workshop with Golden Hind. I have also done silk shading with Goldwork, Ore New and used it to add to other embroidery. I now am on Chemo. and it is affecting my vision so I have put it at one side for the time being and hope to resume later. I could just drool with this book in the meantime!!

Lisa Langhans
December 05 2018

Goldwork is totally new to me. I would love to try it. Crewelwork is usually my favorite type of stitching.

Penny Wilton
December 05 2018

I love goldwork but find it very challenging! I love the effect of the different gold threads and how the light plays on them. The tricky thing is getting them even all the time – or most of the time – but it is definitely worth the effort!

December 05 2018

My experience in goldwork is limited as I have only taken a couple classes that use silk and metals but, the results are impressive.

Leslie Marsden
December 05 2018

Looks like a wonderful book.

My gold work experience was with Jenny Adin-Christie in Williamsburg.

Thank you.

December 05 2018

Love sparkly gold work, especially like chipping…hate plunging!

Lisa Mills
December 05 2018

I would love the opportunity to try my hand at Goldwork!

Jennifer S.
December 05 2018

I have no goldwork experience yet, I’m excited to learn!

December 05 2018

I absolutely LOVE goldwork. I took a class in 2012 by Sophie Long, RSN and it began my reintroduction to stitching as I had put it aside for about 2 decades, as well as learning a new and different technique. Goldwork is gorgeous and I am so proud of my first piece. I also took an online class with Lucy Barter (former RSN, now has her own school in San Francisco). Among many other projects-to-do, I have 4 goldwork ones waiting in the wings. 2019 will bring me to complete at least 2 of them. So I could definitely use the expertise of the authors of this book. Thank you.

Judith Kalk
December 05 2018

Embroidery makes the world a better place and Goldwork most especially. It combines the aesthetic with the techniques that create an artistic experience that can be enjoyed by all.

Paulina Lareau
December 05 2018

I am new to your site. I love everything you offer. After almost 60 years of experience I never imagined learning new things. I am thrilled. You have a lovely site and I look forward to fifty more years of needlework.

Carol Whitlock
December 05 2018

My husband has just died and I want to make something in his honour. He always liked looking at gold work and wanted me to try it but I was a bit frightened! Now is the time to do it!

Rebecca Ross
December 05 2018

Beautiful! I must learn more!

diana hutchinson
December 05 2018

my first experience with Goldwork was with Jane Nichols beetles. i bought the kit and used her book to complete it. i was hooked. i loved it. i love to look at work in museums and am always fascinated by it.

michael cross
December 05 2018

When I was a novice stitcher and could not afford many luxurious threads I tried my version of GOLDWORK with metal threads that i could afford. As I became more proficient at needlework and my wallet was a little fatter I bought some spectacular gold and silver materials and ventured into my first ecclesiastical piece for my church. After 40 years it is still used as well as other pieces I have designed and created. Thank you for this opportunity.

Alex in Penn's woods
December 05 2018

I’ve tried several goldwork techniques and am always surprised by how slowly the couching goes. It must by burying all the ends.

Victoria Wood
December 05 2018

Starting with my first goldwork piece in 2000 (RSN Certificate module), I’ve LOVED this technique the best. Nothing makes me happier than fiddling about with the shiny (or tarnished) bits! I especially enjoy seeing designers mix goldwork with other embroidery techniques in their work. I’m looking forward to checking out this new book.

Wendi Girard
December 05 2018

For years I was intimidated by goldwork thinking that it must be only for the most advanced stitcher until I worked my first piece by Tricia Wilson Nguyen “Floral Glove.” Gold work is extremely satisfying as it produces an immediate effect, it can be accomplished by any level of stitcher and since I am a fancy pants I am drawn to the richness that it produces on a piece.

Ana-Maria Kramer
December 05 2018

The 12 days of Christmas design in Gold is OH SO BEAUTIFUL. Some 2 months ago I took my first gold work workshop with Mike Parr. I enjoyed it so much I am excited learn more Gold Work Techniques.

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