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Written By Laura Turnbull - December 05 2018


Anne Cleave
November 10 2020

I’m a bit of a ‘wren’ fanatic so recently decided to try my hand at a goldwork wren of my own design – I was not a happy bunny (or even wren!). I had followed all the instructions in my goldwork book (sadly not Sarah and Susan’s) regarding stitching plan, thread plan and base fabric. Anyway, after two months, it’s still on the frame and I’ve not done anymore – I got the threads wrong, the stitches wrong and the only bit that was right was the gold kid for the wing. There are three very important elements to remember with a wren design: its very fine pointed beak, the white eye stripe and it’s jaunty upturned tail. I will have another go when I get over my own disappointment (and I’ve gathered the materials together again).

Beverly Clement
January 24 2019

I love goldwork and this book looks fantastic! The designs are beautiful and the hints are so helpful.

December 10 2018

I can do most forms of embroidery but have only made one goldwork piece. My son is a goldsmith and I would like to improve my goldwork skills so that I can create something for him that he can display in his workshop and perhaps think of me.

Christina McClernan
December 06 2018

I have not done any goldwork, but I do plan to try some in 2019.

Elaine Scoble
December 06 2018

I love the richness and sparkle of goldwork – I would love to do a large ecclesiastical cloth. One day! I have done a small grasshopper in Or Nue – he was fun. There is so much to learn. And enjoy.

Agne (Zemugne)
December 06 2018

I am only at the very beginning of my friendship with goldwork. As all other techniques, it takes time to learn, how to get a good result. But one day I’ll learn :)

Dianne Mollet
December 06 2018

I loved using gold threads in an Elizabethan Sampler I stitched and I have used gold threads in kits I have purchased. I would love to have this book so that I could learn more about all the threads available and which threads to use for a certain purpose. Some threads to stitch with and others to couch down on the fabric. I would love to learn more.

Laurel Lanner
December 06 2018

I love gold work and I have bought a kit to get started but it scares me and I keep putting it off because I don’t want to waste expensive, hard to get ingredients by making a mess of things. This book looks confidence boosting!

Del Cseti
December 06 2018

I have limited experience with gold work, but I would love to do more. This book would be very helpful in expanding my understanding. Also I love looking at the illustrations.

Bev Davison
December 06 2018

When I was lucky enough to do classes with Alison Cole I found the technique of Goldwork fascinating and felt great satisfaction in the end result. I am always looking to improve and learn new ideas and this book looks very intriguing.

Suzi Bloemker
December 06 2018

I have only done one Goldwork piece, More Than a Rose. I really enjoyed it and I am becoming more and more determined to jump into the Gold world of embroidery.

Jennifer Y
December 06 2018

I have never tried goldwork before but I have a beginners kit in my stash that I hope to start in the new year. Can’t wait to try this technique!

Kathryn Crepeau
December 06 2018

Goldwork is beautiful. I have only done a little on two unfinished projects. I hope to finish these pieces and do more in the future, but it might have to wait till I retire.

Susan Simmons
December 06 2018

Even though goldwork isone of the most challenging technjques I have ever tried, I enjoyed the two pieces I have done very
Much. It has a unique look and I think this
Is what appeals to me. Thank you for the chance
To win a kit.

Elayne Alexander
December 06 2018

I have limited Goldwork experience. I once took a workshop in London, but it certainly doesn’t stop my love for it. I fell in love with Goldwork as a romantic teenager fascinated with all things medieval. I could use this book to help me along.

December 06 2018

I’ve never done goldwork, but I’d love to try it.

Christine V
December 06 2018

I’m a beginner at goldwork embroidery, still in my fumbling phase of working slowly and carefully! Though I do have big ideas for a goldwork design with, of course, the stash building underway.

Margaret Wilson
December 06 2018

I love goldwork – the sumptuousness of completed pieces, the skill required to achieve beautiful results, the long history of goldwork and the challenge of learning the technique – wonderful!

Margaret Cobleigh
December 06 2018

Goldwork is one if my favourite embroidery techniques. I’m hoping to spend more time indulging in it.

Amanda Gubbins
December 05 2018

I love Goldwork because of the variety of ways in which it can be used whether Opus Anglicanum, Ecclesiastical or Royal embroidery but also with today’s decorative and fashion uses. I would love to own this book so as to help in increasing my understanding and skill with this challenging but rewarding technique.

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