Stratford Residential Retreat - Design Update

Written By Laura Turnbull - January 22 2020


February 15 2020

I am so envious. All the designs look fabulous.

Vivien Wells
February 15 2020

The beautiful blue bird etui would it be available as a kit ? I cannot attend one of these wonderful retreats as I don’t get around very well but can still sew

February 13 2020

wow what a wonderful time everyone will enjoy
you have floods we were evacuated because of fires today we have see mist and high humidity further up the coast Peat is burning and causing toxic smoke hopefully ther ewill be more heavy rain to saturate the peat enjoy your week

Carol Grossman
February 13 2020

gorgeous patterns! Especially the Glamis pillowe. Do you ever make these designs available as kits or patterns?

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