Harriet Roberts & the Muncaster Bed Hanging

Written By Laura Turnbull - November 13 2019


December 22 2019

This is such a wonderful project. I admire all the team who have made it in a kit form for people to enjoy. Letting us see the original bed hanging is fantastic, too. Not everyone can get to Muncaster and this allows those from further afield to see what they are working towards.

Kenlynn Verbeek
November 16 2019

Amazing wonderful to know about the team who love a challenge the embroidery is beautiful ,love the colours . Congratulations to all who are involved in this wonderful wall hanging

Geraldine Thomas
November 16 2019

How can you preorder without knowing the price?

Lynette Grave
November 16 2019

Thank you for sharing the original Muncaster Bed hanging, for having the inspiration to stitch the replica, congratulations to the stitcher and designers. I would love to stitch this piece but doubt my ability to have the time to finish it. But, who knows!!

Marsha Carson
November 16 2019

Thank you for sharing this project from beginning to end. Harriet you did a fabulous job. Philipa and the whole team please keep up this work as you were all a treasure

Qian Wu
November 16 2019

it’s so beautiful. I really have interesting. and I hope can learn from you.

Helen West
November 16 2019

What a fantastic story for a brilliant project. Thanks for all your work and sharing it with us.

Sue E
November 16 2019

Creativity is contagious!! Your ability to share this whole process is a delight and an inspiration! Thank you to all of you … and the next project is …?!🙂

Barbara Sudbury
November 16 2019

Truly a work of art.

Lana Lipsett
November 16 2019

This is so beautiful. I wish I had Harriet’s skills.

Sandra Neill
November 14 2019

Gosh Phillipa and everyone, this is totally magnificent!! Thank you for sharing the story with us all.

Carole Portelance
November 14 2019

So wonderful to read about the evolution of this project and of Harriet’s stitching to bring this to life. I’ve enjoyed following the creation of this bedhanging this last while, and I am in absolute awe over the beauty and magnificence of this work. Bravo to Harriet and to all of you!

November 13 2019

A fabulous and such an informative post to read, thank you all so much.

Sarah Hearn
November 13 2019

It’s so beautiful! I want to come and work with you Philippe and your team. There’s so much creativity at work at your place!

Louise Daoust
November 13 2019

Hello Philippa,

This new project is so amazing! It’s so beautiful, the work that was put into this is incredible. I hope that I can afford to purchase this kit. In any case, just being available to witness such beauty is a change that I am very greatly thankful for.

I am waiting for Friday to see the release of the kit.

Best regards,

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