Our new Elizabethan Even-Weave linen

Written By Phillipa Turnbull - November 14 2019


Rick Nelting
December 01 2020

Thanks for this article, though I only found it a year after it was published. I was actually searching for Mr. Ian Dale, who is pictured in the article. We met Mr. Dale in the middle 1980s when he was giving demonstrations at the Angus Folk Museum, which we are sad to learn has closed. We still have and regularly use the linens we bought back then.

Helen Macdonald
February 12 2020

Beautiful linen…….and woven in Scotland. Would love some once it is available.

November 23 2019

I am very interested in some of the metreage when it is available – but what is the approx thread count? For the 16th c embroideries I want to emulate, I need a count of 60 ypi or above…

Sue Lucas
November 23 2019

So excited you have managed to make this a reality. I can’t wait to try out your new linen. Congratulations 🤩

Deborah Buie
November 23 2019

Can this be purchased:
In white & by the yard please?

Theresa Hitch
November 23 2019

All I can say is WOW.

Leigh Pegram
November 20 2019

Thank you for such an in-depth article on linen and the history of the ageing, growth and the processing of the linen versus the current issues with linen. I am sure I would not have seen this type of article published anywhere else, and I am glad you took the time to explain to us—the users-the issues. Fascinating article -keep them coming! I appreciate being better informed. I am sure where the flax is grown is a lovely area.

Alexandra Landeryou
November 16 2019

Always such attention to detail…right down the the linen! So pleased I found you and will tell my daughters that my work will outlive them too!!!
Loving working the Crewel designs and it has taken over from me settling to sort out papers…but most I
Important ones have been finalised and filed!

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