Final checks for the final Scottish Highlands & Islands tour - Starting Next Week!

Written By Phillipa Turnbull - August 07 2019


Genie Posnett
August 16 2019

Just came from Edinburgh on Saturday and a history tour of your region. Would have been fun to do your tour back to back with the history tour.

emlyn attree-williams
August 11 2019

all sounds wonderful and I wish you all a wonderful and exciting trip.perhaps one of these days I maybe able to join you all


Amanda J Woods
August 11 2019

I hope you all have a lovely time. I live in the Outer Hebrides so know many of the places you are to visit so have a great time. Amanda

Margaretta Clayton-Jones
August 11 2019

Thank you Phillipa. I am so envious.

Jan Schurr
August 11 2019

Ohhhh, are you going to walk wool? I first heard about this in the early 70’s on (of all things) a record of “native songs” of Scotland where the local woman were singing traditional songs in Gaelic and the recorder was describing the process.

Ellen Linger
August 11 2019

This looks like a glorious trip! Have a great time! I hope to make one of your retreats in the near future!

Phyllis N DePiano
August 11 2019

I have stitched several of your designs. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your designs with us.

Carolyn Stumpf
August 11 2019

This trip is a dream to come true someday….a promise to me

Jo Tucker
August 11 2019

Beautiful, beautiful notes and scenes from the pictures! Almost everyone in their right minds would want to be with the group of stitchers and take part in all of the wonderfully planned places to visit.
Job well done Phillipa!

Leslie Carleton
August 11 2019

I am new to your company and am enchanted by the crewel work and by your itineraries!! I am and have been an avid needlepoint stitcher particularly attached to Elizabeth Bradley designs. I am so pleased to be able to follow you on your Highlands and Islands trip. I hope some time you will repeat this journey so that I may join you!!

Pam Lightfoot
August 11 2019

Such wonderful photographs, very inspiring. Wish that I did not live so far away in Cape Town South Africa and with our dreadful exchange rate, cannot even dream of a trip like this, I do look forward to reading all about your upcoming travels.

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