The Glasgow Bedspread


  • The Glasgow Bedspread
  • The Glasgow Bedspread
  • The Glasgow Bedspread
  • The Glasgow Bedspread

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  • This special edition kit comes from an original 1920s design within our own private embroidery collection. Originally embroidered in Glasgow, Scotland, this bedspread features vibrant and happy floral motifs on a repeated vine motif. It is signed and dated by the embroiderer, “E.M. 1914”, the same year the First World War broke out in Europe.

    Purchase options:

    1. Full kit (hand drawn linen, full supply of wools, stitch charts, instructions, needles) - £950
    2. Linen and instructions only (hand drawn linen, stitch charts, instructions, needles) - £650
    3. Linen only (hand drawn out linen and needles) - £450

    Your linen will be hand drawn by our in-house artist. It will also be numbered and signed on the back by Phillipa. The design comes fully mapped out over 25 A3 Stitch Charts and you will receive a comprehensive list of Appletons colours so that you may purchase additional wools if you wish (although the full kit comes with a guarantee to supply you with enough wool to complete the design).

    The instructions are comprehensive and we also are on hand to help you at any point along the way. You will receive 10 of each of our special gold-plated and polished nickel crewel needles for double and single thread plus a copy of our Essential Guide for Newcomers to Crewel Work. You will also receive a USB stick with a high resolution image of the original piece so that you may refer to it as you work through the design.

    The full design measures 75 x 55 inches and is suitable as a cover for a double bed.


    "I received my Glasgow bedspread this morning. It was very much a considered purchase but I am absolutely thrilled with it. I cannot believe how much wool there is and the way it has been organised is exceptional and makes a daunting prospect seem entirely achievable. I have had a couple of your kits before so knew the quality would be good but this has really exceeded my expectations. I can guess it was a lot of work to bring this to the market but thank you so much for doing so." - Lesley, UK

    1. What's in a Kit?
      • Historically accurate "Z" twist Jacobean Linen Twill woven exclusively for The Crewel Work Company in the Highlands of Scotland. Accurately screen-printed with the design outline with stitch direction and length guide
      • Appleton's 2-ply crewel wools in numbered skeins to match the stitch chart
      • Easy to follow illustrated step-by-step instructions
      • Full size stitch chart showing the exact location of every stitch and colour
      • Beginners booklet, "The Essential Guide for Newcomers to Crewel Work", including handy hints, getting started, needle threading and other embroidery tips
      • 2 of each of our bespoke gold-plated (size 2 for single thread) and polished nickel (size 1 for double thread) speciality crewel needles
      • A full size colour reproduction of the finished design
      • Sturdy box for keeping all your bits and pieces in
      • Crewel Work Company 'Forever' bag (Starter Sets only)
      • Embroidery scissors (Starter Sets only)
      • Seat Frame(Starter Sets only)

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