Lady Anne’s Flowers


  • Lady Anne’s Flowers
  • Lady Anne’s Flowers
  • Lady Anne’s Flowers
  • Lady Anne’s Flowers
  • Lady Anne’s Flowers

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  • Lady Anne Clifford grew up in Knowle House near London and later moved to Appleby Castle, just yards from our home. Lady Anne was a formidable pioneer of women’s rights in her time and is responsible for the survival to this day of many of Cumbria’s greatest castles and churches. This design recreates a detail from a pillowe from between 1662 -1670, during her lifetime.

    This generous and extravagant version of the traditional ‘Tree of Life’ design is a reflection of the new styles that prevailed in the third quarter of the 17th Century in England. The availability of beautiful wools, dyes and linen, the influence of foreign trade, and the desire and the wealth to buy exquisite embroideries all combined to create the perfect era for Crewel Work.

    Linen size 17 x 17”
    Design size 10 x 10 1/2”


    Padded Satin, Satin Stitch, Closed Fly Stitch, Crewel Stem Stitch, Seeding Stitch, French Knots, Long & Short as ‘soft shading’, Lazy Daisy

  • What's in a Kit?
    • Historically accurate "Z" twist Jacobean Linen Twill woven exclusively for us, accurately screen-printed with the design outline and stitch direction and length guide
    • Appleton's 2-ply crewel wools in numbered skeins to match the easy-to-follow stitch chart
    • Easy-to-follow, detailed illustrated step-by-step instructions
    • Detailed, full size stitch chart showing the exact location of every stitch and colour
    • Beginners booklet, "The Essential Guide for Newcomers to Crewel Work", including handy hints, getting started, needle threading and other embroidery tips
    • One each of our bespoke gold-plated and polished nickel crewel needles

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