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Flat nose pliers, widely used to bend metal and wire into the desired shape. Also useful to gently pull a needle through tough stitching areas.

These pliers are of professional quality, designed for working in restricted spaces or with small delicate work pieces where precision is necessary.

  • Plier heads are made from stainless steel, hardened, and tempered
  • Grips are sprung for ease of use
  • Jaws are narrow and tapered for easy access

"Pliers are an essential part of my embroidery kit. I use them a lot. I find that sometimes my fingers are not always strong enough to pull the needle through densely stitched areas. Using the pliers to pull the needle through takes no effort and does not strain my fingers. When I am finishing a thread on the back of my embroidery I find using the pliers to pull the needle always helps."
- Mandy Ewing

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