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The Muncaster Bed Hanging - My Jacobean Dream

The Muncaster Bed Hanging - My Jacobean Dream

We are delighted to open our interest list for the Muncaster Bed Hanging kit, our new project design soon to be replacing our beloved Glasgow Bedspread kit as it comes to the end of its limited edition.

I have been lucky enough over my career to have been in the presence of some fabulous historic embroideries. But none have taken my breath away quite so much a the crewel work bed hangings at Muncaster Castle. The bold, energetic colours are deep and robust and the absurdly over-sized tumbling leaves filled with yards of unimaginable angles of long and short stitch are quite the treat for anyone with an irrational love for Jacobean embroidery (I sense a few of you out there ;)

It has always been a dream of mine to create a kit from these hangings so that the collection at Muncaster may be experienced by all. We produced the Glasgow Bedspread Crewel Work kit, our first mega kit, nearly 3 years ago now and it was the hardest kit Laura and I have ever produced. We did it entirely together, from colour-matching, stitch mapping, outline drawing and mapping across 26 stitch charts, illustrations for step-by-step instructions, proofing (the proofing omg!). It took us about a year I can tell you that the kit wasn't always referred to by it's proper name!

We never thought we would launch into another monster kit so soon but I know won't be able to get this Bed Hanging out of my system until I've done it . So, this time to a wonderful team behind us, we have once again launched into producing an unfeasibly large crewel work kit. One that will take you months, maybe years to finish; one that will require its own storage solution; and likely a new frame (or not if you already have the Glasgow B!). In other words it will almost definitely be the most absurdly ambitious project you have ever done.

We know all that. But it's Jacobean embroidery...and I am a little irrational when it comes to Jacobean embroidery.

Muncaster Bed Hanging

So over the past few months my team and I have been working to produce all you will need to recreate an ambitious 40 x 60 inch design of the original 4 poster bed hangings. Our release date will be November (hopefully!) and we are delighted to open our interest list ahead of our release date. Those who sign up will be contacted for the opportunity to pre-order the kit before it goes on general release.

We have used this design with the exclusive permission of the Pennington family at Muncaster Castle. 10% of each sale is donated to Muncaster for the direct benefit of their incredible embroidery collection, of which Crewel Work forms a large part. You can read about the collection at Muncaster here.

To sign up to our interest list for this kit, please add your details here.


Sally Alexander

Absolutely stunning! My absolute dream project!


I am so s0 tempted and would love to get my teeth into such a beautiful project but although we operate a child free zone here it is not a labrador free one – does doggie hair spring to mind ? In view of this what are your thoughts on having to use a floor stand (due to it’s size) v a hoop ?

Sandra Hoaksey

Love this but not finished the bedspread yet. Great getting so much from your company which always inspires and encourages me!


I can’t wait for this beautiful kit to be released. I visit your photos every day. I can see that part of the work looks suited to working in a hoop. Other photos show (I think) the work being done on scroll frame. I prefer moving my hoop around, but am wondering if a frame will be necessary.

Patrina Byng

I was planning on starting to save for this beautiful kit. I was wondering if you had a rough price so I can workout the budget. Regards Patrina

charlotte cryer

please…idea of expected price for this wonderful piece.

Darcy Walker

Even though I have just started Glasgow, I am interested in in this lovely wall hanging.

Alexandra Landeryou

I absolutely adore your wonderful “kits” though they are far too fabulous to be classified thus.

I am slowly working on the bed kit and just don’t want to stop and do anything else. It is to be a “memory” cover in memory of my husband who died last December. He was an organist and wherever we went I would take some Needlework , so very freeing organ lofts in Europe too.
Keep up the wonderful research.

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