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Crazy Patchwork Notebook - Online Course with Hazel Blomkamp (Inc. Stitch Library)

Intermediate Crewel Work Kit
Tax included.

Working from Hazel’s book, Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork, the Crazy Patchwork kit has been designed to cover as large a variety of techniques covering a wide range of embroidery stitches, Needle Tatting, Needlelace, Beading, Ribbon Embroidery and Needleweaving techniques.

Hazel Blomkamp is a master of her craft with an incredible breadth of embroidery knowledge. In this course you will have access to Hazel's vast and unique library of stitches (listed below), which will inspire your stitches for your own embroidery designs. This design is featured in Hazel’s book ‘Crazy Patchwork’, which is supplied with the kit.

Total running time: 19.5 hours (Introduction: 1.5 hours, Stitch Library: 18 hours)

Course outline explained: In the first three 'Introduction' videos Hazel talks you through setting up your hoop. She then talks through each stitch featured in the project.

The second group of videos you will gain access to is a 'Stitch Library' which you will use to access the stitch you need based on where you are in the design. There are 107 videos and 18 hours worth of content in this stitch library and it is designed to be dipped in and out of based on the stitch you need.

Introduction (3 videos)
Stitch Library:
3-Petal Lazy Daisy Bud 9-Petal Lazy Daisy Flower
Attaching a bead with a bead
Attaching a single bead
Attaching to fabric - 3-dimensional Bead Embroidery
Backstitch and its variations
Battlement Trellis
Bead Buttonhole Stitch
Bead Chain Stitch
Bead Circles
Bead Circles: Based on the Zulu daisy chain
Bead Couching
Beaded Backstitch
Beaded Backstitch/Bead Picot Combination
Beaded Fly Stitch
Beaded Knotted Cable Chain Stitch
Beaded Palestrina Stitch
Beaded Wheatear Stitch
Bead Feather Stitch
Bead Lazy Daisy Stitch (Detached Chain)
Bead Picots
Bead Stem Stitch
Bead Woven Herringbone Stitch Ragbook Hinge
Blanket and Buttonhole Stitch
Blanket Stitch (Striped)
Bullion Knots
Buttonhole Bud
Buttonhole Bud Stem
Buttonhole Circle
Buttonhole Eyelet
Buttonhole Stitch 5-petal Flower
Buttonhole Stitch Bud
Caged Crystal
Cast-on-Buttonhole Bar
Chain Stitch Circles
Chain Stitch Varieties
Chevron Bead Braid
Chevron Stitch
Chicken Wire Couching
Colonial Knot
Crazy Patch Extras
Cretan Stitch
Daisy Chain Bead Braid
Detached Chain Stitch
Detached Buttonhole Stitch
Diagonal Long & Short Stitch
Double Blanket/Buttonhole Stitch
Double Weaving
Eye Stitch Variation
Feather Stitch
Fly Stitch
Freestyle Mixed Embroidery Stitching
French Knots (with variations)
Herringbone Stitch
Interlaced Chain Variations
Knotted Cable Chain Stitch
Knotted Pearl Stitch (Striped)
Layered Buttonhole Stitch
Long and Short Stitch
Loop Stitch
Needle Lace Edging No. !
Needle Lace Filler: Colin
Needle Lace Filler: Tony
Needle Lace No. 8
Needle Lace Picot and Buttonhole Bar Edges
Needle Lace Stitch No. 2
Needle Lace Stitch No. 4
Needle Lace Stitch No. 10
Needle Tatting
Needle Weaving Checks and Stripes No. 13
Needle Weaving Checks and Striped No. 1
Needle Weaving Texture No. 2
Needle Weaving Texture No. 3
Needle Weaving texture No. 5
Needle Weaving texture No. 6
Outline Stitch
Raised Chain (woven)
Rhodes Stitch
Satin Stitch
Satin Stitch Leaf
Sheaf Stitch
Silk Ribbon Stitch
Simple Bead Petals and Leaves
Simple Couching
Single Weaving Filler Stitch
Some more Chain Stitch Tweaks
Spanish Knotted Feather Stitch
Split and Split Backstitch
Stem and Whipped Stem Stitch
The 4-Bead Flower
The 6-Bead Flower
The 10-Bead Flower
The 12-Bead Flower
The 4-Bead leaf
Threading a needle with silk Ribbon
Trellis Couching (Basic)
Trellis Couching (Woven)
Trellis Couching with Cross Stitch Filling
Trellis Cross Stitch Couching
Trellis with Cross Stitch Couching (Shaded)
Triangular Trellis Couching
Twisted Chain Stitch
Twisted Thread
Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch
Vermicelli Couching
Wheatear Stitch
Wheatear Stitch with Tweaks

The kit is not included with this purchase. If you choose to purchase the kit with your course (select from the pop up), this includes: A block of made-up crazy patchwork, threads, ribbons, Miyuki seed and Delica beads, beading thread, tatting shuttle, beading mat, needle book, instructions. Techniques:
Embroidery, Tatting, Needlelace, Beading, Ribbonwork, Needleweaving

Design size: 15 x 23 cm (6 x 9 in)
Page dimensions: 45 x 37 ½ cm (17 ¾  x 14 ¾ in)

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a link to your email with instructions to access the online classes. All videos are available to stream at your convenience, as many times as you like, until you are finished with your project!

All of our Crewel Work kits feature the highest quality materials that authentically replicate those found in 16th and 17th century embroideries.

These include:
Specialist 'S' Twist Linen Twill Ground Fabric
- made to historic specifications
- minimum of 10 cm (3 inches) space on either side of the design

Depending on the kit, we use either Appletons Wools from England or hand-dyed Renaissance Wools from France
- full skeins or hanks, not strands!
- 2-ply

Printed material
- Full, bespoke instructions created by Phillipa Turnbull and carefully illustrated by our in-house artist Georgie. We take extra care to make sure we're by your side for each step of the process
- Stitch & Colour Chart to make sure you are in no doubt about where each colour and stitch type goes
- Essential Guide to Crewel Work Booklet - a specially created foundation guide for those who want to go over the basics from threading a needle to blocking your finished work.

Needles & beads
- Specialist for Crewel embroidery
- Gold-plated for single thread
- Polished nickle for double thread
- Beads (if your design has eyes!)

Frames, scissors and finishing materials are not included in your kit. To stitch your design, you will therefore also need:

1. An embroidery frame of your choice (such as a Seat, Floor or Slate Frame)
2. A pair of embroidery scissors

We recomend the Elbesee Seat Frame, which we sell in our store with three different sized hoops. You can buy the Seat Frame here or as part of our Starter Sets, which you can combined with your kit purchase and receive 10% off the total.

We are passionate about keeping embroidery alive, a living art form which new generations are inspired to try.

The countless benefits of practicing embroidery include lowering blood preasure, regulating breath, calming the nervouse system, and providing an excellent excuse to form deep social bonds with friends, family and your local community.

If you want to experience some of the same benefits of practicing embroidery and think this might be the kit for you, please reach out to us and let us know how it helped you!

We donate 10% of the proceeds of this sale to support the up keep of the original embroidery.

We are passionate about keeping embroidery alive for future generations. Our way of doing this is to follow a thread to the past, finding a link with embroiderers who throughout history have found inspiration, solace, meaning and connection through embroidery.

As such, almost all of our kits are inspired by historic embroideries. We research embroideries in pubic and private collections in the UK and bring them back to live by spending countless hours producing a faithful replica - in choice of materials, colour and of course design line.

We are on a mission to keep these embroideries alive and to allow more people to access them - whether through our historically-accurate kits, our online courses, or our life-changing in-person retreats. We go to the source and we hope to take you with us.

Where possible and appropriate we donate a percentage of the proceeds of the sale of a kit to the castle, country house, or institution that the original embroidery belongs to.

With this, we specifically support the care, safe-housing and understanding (both among caretaking teams and visitors) of the historic embroidery in question and it's companions.

To date we have donated over £20,000 to the care of historic embroideries and have supported the businesses charged with their care. As such, needlework which was stored away and underapprecited, is now understood, valued and cared for.

With this we have helped to improve understanding of and appreciation for some of the rarest and most culturally significant embroideries and textile collections in the UK.

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Complimentary Standard Delivery ~ 3-17 Working Days (Orders over £100) - FREE

Standard Shipping ~ 3-17 Working Days - (Orders under £200) - £7-£10 (depending on the weight of your order)

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If you shop at our online store, your order is handled by our dispatch team managed by Georgie and Frankie in our Appleby office.

Georgie personally selects your kit and checks it's contents before passing it to Frankie to wrap in tissue paper and seal it with our signature logo sticker before it is prepared for shipping.

All with care and sincere thanks for your support. Each owner of a Crewel Work Company Kit is part of our wider family so please keep in touch as we love to hear about yor progress, the ups and downs of creating your piece, and how it ended up!



We are committed to bringing you high quality needlework experiences, which is reflected in the choice of materials included in our kits. If, however, you are unsatisfied for any reason, we are happy to refund the whole amount to you on receipt of the product you have purchased. Refunds will be accepted within a 30 day period of when you receive the product.

All items should be returned new, unused and in original Crewel Work Company packaging.

All successfully returned items will be credited to the card used when placing the order, less any shipping costs, international taxes or import duties incurred. For payments made by PayPal, refunds will be credited to your PayPal account and will be visible immediately. Reimbursement time to the credit card associated with your PayPal account depends on the company that issued the card.

Parcels are returned at your own cost, and it is advised that you obtain a free certificate of postage from the Post Office or any courier company of your choice, as we can only be responsible for your parcel once it has been received into our offices. We can also arrange for our courier company to collect the parcel. You will need to be at the provided address to hand over the parcel, and there is a charge for this service.

As the responsibility for international customs duties and local VAT/GST (outside of the EU) lie with the customer, The Crewel Work Company are unable to refund any charges incurred upon delivery of the order. However, you may be able to recover these by contacting your local customs bureau directly. 

Please note, items should not be returned to us without prior notice. 

Shipping costs will be refunded for items that are incidentally delivered in a damaged or in a faulty condition and for orders cancelled before dispatch under the Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs).

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