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Seat Frame Widget to fix the hoop droop!

For some time we have been working with our Seat Frame manufacture to fix a design fault on the bolt mechanism between the hoop and the stalk. In order to use the frame comfortably, one MUST have nice sturdy hoop, which means the bolt needs to stand up to frequent tightening. Unfortunately, as some of you will have noticed, it sometimes fails such scrutiny and you end up with a droopy hoop. 

As we told the manufacturer, nobody wants a droopy hoop! 

The manufacture has been through a few iterations to fix this problem for us and we now have a solution in the form of a small plastic widget to place between the bolt and the wooden hoop.

Widget to fix the Elbesee Seat Frame fault

We would like to invite those of you who have purchased a seat frame from us in the past (individually or as part of a Crewel Work Starter Set), and who are experiencing this same pesky problem, to contact us so that we may send you one widget for each of the three hoops provided in our frame sets so that we may help you continue to use your Seat Frame comfortably and in the correct way.

Please add your name here if you would like to receive a set of widgets for your seat frame.


Hilary Southall

I received my widget this morning and after a whole two hours stitching this afternoon I didn’t once have to tighten the screw!

Thank you, no more droopy hoops!


Suzanne Bloemker

I bought a seat frame last year and I sometimes have a droopy hoop. Thank you.

Colleen McCarten

I bought a seat frame in a starter kit. Thank you.
Colleen McCarten

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