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The Muncaster Bed Hanging - What's Included?

The Muncaster Bed Hanging - What's Included?

Like its predecessor the Glasgow Bedspread, The Muncaster Bed Hanging will be available in three formats, Full Kit, Printed Linen & Instructions, and Printed Linen

Full Kit

For those who want everything they need from start to finish, this option is for you. This full version of The Muncaster Bed Hanging will includes the following items:

  • Design 59 inch (width) x 39 inch (height) (150 x 100 cm) printed on 72 (width) x 60 inch (height) (180 x 150 cm) Jacobean Linen Twill ground fabric. Our specially woven 'Z' twist linen twill is professionally printed with the design outline with stitch length and direction lines to guide the first colour of your Long & Short Soft Shading.
  • There are 68 different shades of Appletons wool included in the kit (104 hanks in 53 shades of colour and 30 skeins in 15 shades). Each hank is clearly labelled with its colour shade number. 
  • 16 A3 (large sheets of paper) Stitch Charts with the design full mapped out with each wool number accurately placed within each motif.
  • 40+ page stitch instruction booklet with full colour illustrations. This booklet is a work of art in itself. Our in-house artist Georgie has hand-drawn and coloured each illustration to go with the written instructions to make sure you understand each element and each stitch.
  • A map of the 16 Stitch Charts so you know where you are!
  • Beads for the animal eyes (with spares) plus beading needle
  • Fleece (the strawberries are padded!)
  • A USB stick with the full design in high resolution
  • A large poster with the full design printed in high resolution
  • A pair of ‘Phillipa favourite’ embroidery scissors
  • Our new Crewel Work Company Canvas Bag featuring the original Muncaster Bed Hanging embroidery
  • A Muncaster Castle Tea Towel

The Design Printed Linen & Instructions version of the kit includes everything above apart from the Appletons’s wools (this option is for those who want to source their own Appleton’s wools)

The Printed Linen Only is just that, the design printed linen. This option is for those brave souls who want to choose their own colour and stitch preferences.

Pre-order to our interest list will commence on Friday. You can sign up to this here. The kit will then go on general release on Wednesday 20th November. Payment plans can be arranged if you don't want to pay the full amount in one go. 



Please consider making this staggeringly beautiful rendering also available in ‘bite-sized’ versions.

The nearly limitless possibilities featuring motifs in more manageable sizes tantalize my imagination!

It is my great hope that many kits, of differing sizes, could be created utilizing the original’s motifs.

Presumably this would benefit Muncaster Castle with increased revenue, as well as delight stitchers such as myself.

Additionally, I also would love to see some of the items included in the full kit offered for sale as separate items, such as the poster, tea towel and canvas bag. Thank you for your attention to this lengthy post. Sincerely, Jacqueline Lee

Kendyl Montgomery

Is this an advanced kit? Are all of the stitches explained?

Carol Macisaac

I’ve managed to do a 1 metre wide section of the Bayeux tapestry, this is a challenge to be met ! Muahahaha 😁

Janice Gail

Oh, YES! On payments, please. A slate frame that would fit this can be found at Ecclesiastical Sewing in the US, but you’ll need a frame stand.

Jo Senior

What sort of frame/ hoop does one need to work this on?

Christine E Williams

I’m interested! Full kit please. Also interested to see what everyone is using for a frame. Maybe we can set up a little Facebook group for people stitching this. By the end we may need some moral support!

Toniann Ramos

What is the Glasgow bedspread?
Another beautiful crewel kit?

joanella deery

I have not been able to see price? for this hanging..In USA $$$. thank you.

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