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  • Jacobean Stag Kit
  • Jacobean Stag Kit
  • Jacobean Stag Kit

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The Jacobean Stag Crewel Work kit includes classic as well as rare historic crewel work stitches. The variety of these stitches and techniques will keep you entertained and result in an interesting and beautiful embroidery. 

This design is from an early 20th Century pelmet. In the 17th century, ‘Jacobean’ designs such as these would have depicted a full hunting scene with hounds and running stags, however by the early 20th century such compositions had evolved into a more decorative and peaceful version of the style. This design is part of a series which includes the Running Hare and the Phoenix & Tree Level 2 Crewel Work kits. 

Linen size: 14 x 20 inches, 36 x 51cm
Design size: 8 x 13 inches, 20 x 33cm 

Stitches: Detached Fly, Satin, Crewel Stem, Satin, Long and Short as ‘soft shading’, French Knots, Seeding, Coral and a variation of Laid and Couched Work.

I received my very first crewel piece (Jacobean Stag) about 48 hours ago and I have to tell you I'm in Love! I've been stitching on it every spare second I get and it's all I want to do! I've been quilting all my life and I've done a ton of wool applique and embroidery work, but I love this so much more!

It is incredibly satisfying and your designs are so beautiful, I want to (and plan to) do them all! I've been using all of Phillipa's methods (I've been watching her videos and reading your blog for some time now) and I've learned so much. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, creativity and hard work with us. I truly appreciate this. This kind of work is mentally therapeutic. I'll be ordering my next kit within the week, as soon as I decide on which on. As I say, they are all so lovely, it's quite hard to decide.

Shannon - US

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