Shakespeare's Rosehips & Strawberries Decoration


  • Shakespeare's Rosehips & Strawberries Decoration
  • Shakespeare's Rosehips & Strawberries Decoration
  • Shakespeare's Rosehips & Strawberries Decoration
  • Shakespeare's Rosehips & Strawberries Decoration

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5% of every sale of this kit is a donation to support the care and conservation of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust textile collection in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Shakespeare's Rosehips & Strawberries Christmas Decoration is an exquisite advanced Silk and Gold Work Needlework Kit featuring traditional Elizabethan stitches and techniques.

The design, which features a section of an original 17th Century gentleman’s nightcap held in the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust's Collection in Stratford-upon-Avon, was interpreted and embroidered by Alison Cole, who taught the full design (The Gentleman's Nightcap) during our All England Needlework Tour in May 2018. 

The materials in this kit have been chosen specifically for their quality and close match to the materials used in the original piece. Our new 'Elizabethan' linen has been developed specifically for this kit and has been organically grown, spun with a rounded thread, and woven to the density and strength of original 17th Century linen. It has been double boil washed to achieve it's colour, and no bleach or other chemicals have been used in its production. When stitching with this linen you will notice that it does not 'bounce' up and down as the needle and thread pass through, but instead stays flat, smooth and still, giving a very pleasurable stitching experience. 

This kit has been produced by kind permission of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and proceeds from each kit help to support the vital care and conservation of the Shakespeare Houses and the treasures in our Collection.

This design features the following traditional Elizabethan stitches: 

  • Elizabethan Detached Corded Buttonhole Stitch
  • Fishbone Stitch
  • Outline Stitch
  • Seeding Stitch
  • Woven Spider’s Web
  • Elizabethan Plaited Braid Stitch
  • Interlaced Straight Stitch
  • Reversed Chain Stitch. 

Each stitch is carefully and accurately described in our step-by-step, illustrated instructions. We have taken great care to develop these instructions so that even a novice embroiderer could tackle the advanced techniques featured in this kit. 

Design size: 9.5 x 9cm (4 x 3 1/2 inches)
Linen size: 23cm x 23cm (9 inches)
Included in the kit:

Specially woven, historically-accurate 'Elizabethan' even-weave linen, final piece with design printed on and practice piece, 5 DeVere silks, 5m gold passing thread, 3m silver passing thread, 2 gold-plated needles, 2 silver needles, fully illustrated step-by-step stitch instructions and stitch chart, smart A5 box to keep everything in.

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