Setting up a Slate Frame with Mandy Ewing

Written By Laura Turnbull - March 08 2022


February 21 2022

Wonderful tutorial video. Thank you!

Joanna Morris
February 21 2022

Will this video be available on CWC site anywhere after 31st January? It is so useful!

Jane Azzopardi
February 21 2022

thank you very interesting video well done Mandy

Victoria Fox
February 21 2022

Hi Mandy,
Thats was brilliant, thank you for showing this so clearly. Felt like I was back in the classroom at the Stratford Retreat, oh happy days.
Victoria x
PS I ran screaming from your class!!!

Michelle Christopherson
February 21 2022

I thought this was clear and helpful—excellent. Thank you, Mandy and CWC.

Laurie Hall
February 21 2022

Thanks Mandy and team. Very helpful video.
How does one set up the slate frame for a very large piece? Say a bedspread or vestment?

Monica Evans
February 21 2022

Very useful! Very easy to follow demonstration. Thanks Mandy

Michele Morgan
February 21 2022

One of the best “how to” videos I have ever watched. Top notch. Not only do you really see how to do it, in all individual phases, but it is so clear and precise that someone who has never set up a slate frame would be able to do it easily. Bravo!

Cate mason
February 21 2022

Great instructions. Are you going to stock frames and trestles? If not, where can I go to purchase trestles?

Heather Hausler
February 21 2022

Thank you so much for the video. Mandy was excellent at explaining the steps. I am looking forward to trying out a slate frame soon.

Jill Devanney
February 21 2022

Thank you for the clear demo. I found it helpful even though I will be using a much smaller frame. Do you include resources to purchase frames, needles and thread and nylon cording?

Sue Benfield
February 21 2022

Thank you Mandy. That was an excellent demonstration.

Marianne Carefoot
February 21 2022

I enjoyed this video, it’s very clear and helpful. A couple of questions about the Herringbone tape (usually called Twill tape in Canada). Is it 100% cotton or synthetic? It looked to be about 1 1/2 or 2 inches wide, what is your preference. And lastly, can you recommend some sources for this tape? Thank you!

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