Covid-19 Update

Written By Phillipa Turnbull - March 25 2020


Judy Griffiths
May 03 2020

Do you sell gift vouchers? My family live a long way away and I thought it would be something that they could buy for me.

April 12 2020

I am in rented accommodation in the countryside waiting until the lock down is lifted and I can move into my new home. I am now sure I will finish the Glasgow Bedspread here as there is plenty of time to get on with it and I have only one last A3 panel to complete. I have taken much longer than you other clever stitchers to do it, but I have enjoyed every minute since I started almost THREE years ago!!
Will order a new kit soon. Loving the videos Phillipa and wishing you and all the Crewel work community a safe journey through these difficult days.

Betsy Coates
April 07 2020

Could you please tell me when the lap hoops will be back in stock? Thank you and say healthy!!

Monica Evans
April 07 2020

I am very pleased to say that every day I am in my conservatory doing my crewelwork kits! Its been a wonderful opportunity but like many people I have spoken to, we all seem to have ‘a very strange feeling’ caused by this pandemic.

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